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   There are places created to become a tradition ... Tradition of taste, high quality, coziness and sophistication. Value them in the special feeling of comfort that comes during your stay there. One of such places in Kramatorsk is the restaurant "Poljot". Its history began back in 1967. Already at that time it was the best institution in Kramatorsk. People gathered for an evening meal in the restaurant and, united by a desire to feel the taste of delicious dishes, enjoyed the conversation in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Over time, "Flight" became a tradition of good taste, and the symbol of this tradition is the crystal key. Signs of this kind were then given to high-level institutions, being a recommendation for visitors and a compliment to the owners. But time does not stand still and its volatile conditions have caused the closure of the restaurant.

   Good traditions are what you want to come back to again and again. More Leonardo da Vinci said: "Try once the flight and your eyes will forever be directed to the sky. Once you have been there, for the rest of your life you are doomed to miss it. " Therefore, we - connoisseurs of exclusive cuisine and aesthetics - give you the opportunity to feel the sophistication of "Flight" and to feel the extraordinary pleasure from the dishes presented in the restaurant's menu. May 30, 2017, the restaurant opened its doors to guests who want to enjoy a pleasant surprise and spend time in an atmosphere of family warmth and coziness. Stylish interior, pleasant musical accompaniment and attentiveness of the staff - all this is created in order to distract from routine worries, you could look at the world in a new way. The most demanding gourmet will appreciate a carefully designed menu, and a large selection of Old and New World wines will provide an opportunity to choose a drink that will be a wonderful addition to a meal. In addition, being confident in the quality of the products and observing all cooking rules, we open our hearts to every visitor - the glass walls of the kitchen will allow us to see the full process of creating culinary masterpieces.

   Planning to spend the evening at the restaurant "Flight", be ready for the desire to come back here again. Because good traditions are first and foremost pleasant positive emotions that cause nostalgia and make the path to joy even more obvious. In the restaurant "Poljot" we honor the traditions of quiet, leisurely rest with a touch of refinement and invite you to plunge into the atmosphere of heavenly serenity together with us.